Adventures with Ghosts

Zak, Nick and Aaron are back for Season 3 of Ghost Adventures this Friday. Yes, they are big nancypants and Zak's dippy-don't hairdo is obnoxious, but there's some fun in hanging out with the boys, doing dumb things. (Thankfully Nick keeps the show grounded.) And they do tend to catch some interesting activity on video. New shows air every Friday on the Travel Channel.


  1. I'm strangely attracted to this show, more so than Ghost Hunters. I don't believe in the paranormal yet I get a huge kick out of Zak "taking on" the entities. The show is highly entertaining nonetheless and I do try to watch it as often as I can. Aaron getting left alone in all the "hot spots" is a hoot!


  2. I agree with GhoulishCop, the show is strangely addicting. It's like a modern-day 3 Stooges with a spooky twist. OK actually 2 stooges and Nick as the straight. It's my guilty pleasure.


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