Devil: Review

It’s clear that the “M” in M. Night Shyamalan stands for “marketing”. His movies are ALL clever trailers and creepy posters – and not much else. After The Sixth Sense, studios and horror fans handed over their trust and we were all severely disappointed. Strike one was the very mis-marketed Unbreakable which could have been more successful if the big twist wasn’t so damn corny and out-of-genre (a superhero, really?). Then came the ill conceived “fable” Lady in the Water (too scary for kids, too ridiculous for adults). And then The Happening which is the worst movie of the last 10-20 years (run from the wind?!?). The brilliant star dimmed to reveal a self-indulgent “actor” and “writer” with no discernible skill at writing realistic dialogue or directing actors coherently.

I approached Devil with contempt and dread of duty, and wondered WHY anyone would pay to be swindled again. As usual the posters and trailers looked good, yet I knew this would be another M. Turd. The big twist? It’s not bad. In fact, the worse thing they did was drop a piece of toast dramatically (yes, literally), and associate the name M. Night with it. Devil would stand a MUCH better chance without M. Night’s name attached (he didn't direct –thankfully– and supposedly didn't write the script but his scent is all over it). Ultimately the movie plays like a Twilight Zone-y whodunit that is chilling, suspenseful, and engaging. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s scary, but I will think twice about getting in an elevator with strangers again. Worth a matinee or video rental.


  1. Terror Troy9/19/10, 8:01 PM

    I can't stand M. Night Suckmalan. Aside from The Sixth Sense, all his movies reek of an egocentric medium to display his sincere lack of talent as a director and writer. Although, I admit his ideas are interesting, he just has no idea how to put them on paper to make into a movie that someone would actually enjoy watching.

  2. I agree with Troy, and will be viewing this one while wincing, I'd imagine. I hope I like it as much as other reviewers have.


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