Little shop of horrors?

When it comes to village collecting I usually stick to the Department 56 offerings because of their high quality, careful painting and interesting designs. This quality is definitely reflected in the price, which ranges from $75-$145 per building. Their only competitor is the Lemax Spooktown and it's consider the gaudy, cheaper sister. I do like the many lighting effects that Lemax puts into their designs, but they tend to over do the details & colors (less is more!). However, this year, one building sent me into wistful 80s nostalgia and, of course, I immediately bought it: Grisley's Greenhouse. The play & movie "Little Shop of Horrors" is one of my all-time favorites and regardless of what Lemax is calling it, this is a total homage to Audrey II (the mean green mother from outerspace and he's bad). You can get it at Michaels or online at


  1. I just saw this is person last week. It's even cooler when you can see the blue light that illuminates the greenhouse. Certainly one of their nicer pieces.


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