Bio Channel: The Inside Story

The Bio/History Channels are airing some great specials. Set your DVRs now (check your listings for specific times).

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Inside Story, Part 1 & 2
A documentary about the imaginative horror franchise includes interviews with directors and cast, deleted footage, behind-the-scenes clips, and photos. 
Biography Channel, 10/20 & 10/21

Halloween: The Inside Story
John Carpenter scares audiences with the film Halloween.
Biography Channel, 10/25

MysteryQuest: The Return of the Amityville Horror
The Amityville Horror was perhaps history's most famous haunting. Nearly every known form of paranormal activity was experienced in this Long Island home. Could the spirit have returned? There are eerily similar phenomena occurring in a new location. MysteryQuest investigates using new technology built specifically for their investigation as they try to prove that these demonic spirits not only exist but that they've taken over.
Bio Channel, 10/27

Modern Marvels: Halloween Tech
The celebration of Halloween has become a $6 billion economic powerhouse; the annual Halloween Haunt at Knott's Berry Farm; the production of monster makeup, masks and costumes; carving pumpkins; making fake blood; haunted house.
History Channel, 10/29

The Real Story of Halloween
From its roots as a pagan holiday honoring departed souls, to modern traditions of breaking rules, pushing boundaries and wearing disguises, All Hallows Eve remains a time for people to deal with their own mortality. 
History Channel, 10/26


  1. The "Nightmare On Elm Street" special mentioned above is the same as the four-hour DVD that was just released called "Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy". It was a GREAT analysis/overview of all seven Elm Street movies with deleted scenes, making-of clips, and an interview with Wes Craven. My biggest surprises: learning about the gay subtext of Part 2; Part 3 was "the" fan favorite; Part 5 came out less than a year after Part 4; And Part 6 featured 10 minutes of ultra 3D; and New Nightmare's impressive critical reviews (I need to see this one again). It's too bad the reboot/remake that came out this year fell so flat on it's face.


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