Halloween Storage Bins

I know its not time to start thinking about stowing your Halloween stuff, but Target has their Halloween Storage Totes on sale for $5 this week (until Saturday, October 16). Get them now before they run out or you'll have to store your wicked decorations in... regular totes! Oh the horror!

Speaking of Target, was anyone else really disappointed with their Halloween merchandise this year? It was so uninspired, the wrong color (pink gravestones, really?), and very limited. I'm guessing the recession is to blame.


  1. Hey thanks for the heads up! It actually does bother me to have my Halloween decorations in regular totes. I have all my Christmas stuff in red and green ones, but only bought a couple of orange and black ones for Halloween...before I started building all kinds of things to store and had to resort to blue ones!

    I'll be heading out to Target forthwith, or at least when the stores open. Thanks!


  2. I agree. Halloween stuff in non-orange bins is so un-american.

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