Martha's Macabre Ideas

The October issue of Martha Stewart Living is on newsstands now! I love how they take something ordinary and nice (like a vase of flowers, wreath, baked goods) and transform it into something utterly disturbing yet sophisticated. Check out the simple genius of this "Wriggling Wreath" and "Deranged Arrangement", or the truly nauseating "Fungus Tart".

And this Sunday, October 10th is the premiere of her new Halloween special Tricking and Treating with Martha Stewart on the Hallmark Channel.


  1. How did I miss that wreath?!
    Just goes to show i need to slowly study each issue...
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. They tuck the more gruesome stuff in the corners... it's easy to miss.

  3. I know a few blogs were upset that this year's Halloween issue had a lot of repackaged goodies from prior year's and to dedicated haunters the inspiration factor may have been lower than in years gone past. But as that snake wreath shows, there are still real nuggets of gold to be found in its pages.

    I haven't picked up a copy yet and am fearful to do so because I might get the inkling to start yet more projects when I haven't got all my current ones completed just yet.



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