More Halloween Statistics

More Halloween statistics (from

11.5% of people that will dress up their pet for Halloween.
(I love my pets, but I wouldn't dare place a witch hat on my black cat. My crazy sister-in-law however dresses her dog in all kinds of ridiculous costumes and forces us to put a picture of the mortified dog on our fridge.)
50.1% of people that will decorate their yards for Halloween.

(I'm surprised by this – in our neighborhood we only have 3 houses that haunt their yards. At Christmas almost ALL the houses decorate at least a little.)

40.1% of Halloween shoppers that will dress in costume.
(I love Halloween and seeing creative costumes, but I don't like getting in a costume. Weird, right?)
Consumers will spend an average of $20.29 on candy. 
(I easily spend  over twice that since I'm one of the 50% of people who decorate the yard for Halloween.)