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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark: Review

The new Guillermo Del Toro-produced Don't Be Afraid of the Dark is a richly atmospheric, old-school horror thriller that is more mischievously wicked than outright frightful. Based on a 1973 made-for-tv movie, the story revolves around a young girl (with amazing performance from Bailee Madison) sent to live with her father and his new girlfriend in an old gothic mansion. Before you know it, little creatures who feed on children's teeth (!) emerge from the nethers to cause havoc. It's suspenseful and consistently entertaining.

Martha Stewart Halloween 2011

Hitting the newsstands this week is Martha Stewart's (annual?) Halloween issue. The cover picture of Martha as "Motha" is priceless. The content is a mixture of previously published articles (with unpublished pictures) along with a few new articles. As always, no one does Halloween like Martha and this is a must have. If you have an iPad (or computer) you can get the two previous Halloween issues digitally through . (Presumably they will eventually carry the 2011 issue as well.)

October Shadows: Halloween Art Book

It's been an long, agonizing wait for October Shadows: A Celebration of Halloween in Art  since it was announced last year in the pages of Rue Morgue magazine. Since then, the Creature Features site was down and nothing was mentioned, ever again. This July the site came back to life better than ever (along with Facebook and Twitter pages) and promises that the book would finally arrive in 2011. This book encapsulates the work of over 100 artists, collected in one reportedly beautiful edition (available in paperback and limited edition hardcover). No ordering details yet, but we'll keep you posted.

American Horror Story House Call

FX is launching a new horror series on October 5th, appropriately called American Horror Story .   Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton star as a couple moving across the country, hoping to rebuild a marriage ravaged by a miscarriage and an affair. Of course they move into a house with a haunted history of murder-suicides. The truly disturbing ads that have been airing on FX feature a black latex-clad humanoid haunting people. And YOU can get in on that action! Click here to sign up for an unexpected house call from said figure to be filmed an possibly aired on TV. Just sign the release, enter the name of the target and accomplice, and wait for the horror to show up when you least expect it.

Grandin Road's Halloween Haven

Grandin Road has come back to the dark side with an incredible line-up of Halloween stuff. They have really gone bigger and better. Get those charge cards ready! My favorite pieces this year are the Animated Snake Wreath that wriggles and hisses when motion is detected (coincidentally, this is project from Martha Stewarts 2010 Halloween issue that was also featured on this blog!); and the Animated Medusa Bust which must be seen to be believed.

Fright Night: Review

The original Fright Night (one of my top 13 Scary Movies of all-time) holds a very dear place in my bloody heart, so I went into the remake with mixed feelings. Shockingly, it's pretty darn good. With a screenplay by Buffy the Vampire Slayer scribe Marti Noxon, the movie is funny, thrilling, and a really lot of fun. It's also good to see the return of a vicious vampire after all those emo, diamond-skin freaks. I also loved the many subtle references to the original movie, and an all-to-brief cameo from the original Jerry Dandridge himself. I saw it in 3D and I don't think it added much – other than the blood geysers and fiery explosions of the vampires. The worse criticism is for that dreadfully boring American movie poster. At least the UK version featured a better picture of Colin Farrell, some blood splatter, and a sense of humor.

Scary Movies: Official Calendar

Tis the season for Scary Movies! Here's a quick calendar with links to official movie sites and trailers for this year's crop of movies that go bump in the night. Keep in mind that all release dates are subject to change and we'll keep this updated as best as possible. August Burke & Hare (VOD, August 5) Attack the Block (Limited Theatrical, August 12) Final Destination 5 (Theatrical, August 12) Fright Night (Theatrical, August 19) Trollhunter (DVD, August 23) Super Hybrid (DVD, August 23) Julia's Eyes  (VOD, August 24) Grave Encounters  (VOD, August 25) Don't Be Afraid of the Dark (Theatrical, August 26) Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (VOD, August 26) September Apollo 18 (Theatrical, September 2) Shark Night 3D  (Theatrical, September 2) Red State (VOD, September 5) Contagion (Theatrical, September 9) Creature  (Limited Theatrical Release, September 9) Piranha 3DD (Theatrical, September 16) Dream House (Theatrical, September 30) Oct

Attack The Block: Review

Festival favorite  Attack The Block was finally released in my neck of the woods and it is awesome! This homage to 80s monster movies is set in South London, where street thugs set out to defend their turf from an alien invasion. It's funny, action packed, has awesome aliens and just a touch of gore. It runs out of steam towards the end, but it's still entertaining nonetheless.

It came from outer space

One more reason to be afraid this Halloween: On October 16th, Comet Elenin will become one of the closest objects to swoosh by the Earth. It’s unstable path has kept scientists guessing (we’ll know more as it slingshots around the sun in September). There’s been all kinds of speculations including gravity-driven earthquakes, excessive radiation, and possible collision. The strangest part is the organized bodies that are accompanying (or driving?) the comet, as seen in the picture.  

Madness at the mall today

Yankee Candle put out their Halloween stuff today and as usual the crowds gathered an hour (!) before the store opened. Luckily, I have an awesome "insider" who works there, and I left with a very cool candelabra and another series of decorative bottles.

Boney Bunch Preview Aug 6th

My annual trek to the mall for Yankee Candle's Boney Bunch Preview is this Saturday, August 6th at 10am. If you are not into their scary cute porcelain figures, do note that last year they had some decidedly wicked props too.