Grandin Road's Halloween Haven

Grandin Road has come back to the dark side with an incredible line-up of Halloween stuff. They have really gone bigger and better. Get those charge cards ready! My favorite pieces this year are the Animated Snake Wreath that wriggles and hisses when motion is detected (coincidentally, this is project from Martha Stewarts 2010 Halloween issue that was also featured on this blog!); and the Animated Medusa Bust which must be seen to be believed.


  1. UPDATE: I had a problem with the mechanism that makes the Animated Snake Wreath wriggle and hiss. Unfortunately, due to manufacturing problems the contraption was twice as large as it should have been and it was quite noticeable on the wreath. Grandin Road was very helpful and even slashed $30 off the price. I kept the wreath but ultimately removed the gizmo. It's still a great Snake Wreath.


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