October Shadows: Halloween Art Book

It's been an long, agonizing wait for October Shadows: A Celebration of Halloween in Art since it was announced last year in the pages of Rue Morgue magazine. Since then, the Creature Features site was down and nothing was mentioned, ever again. This July the site came back to life better than ever (along with Facebook and Twitter pages) and promises that the book would finally arrive in 2011. This book encapsulates the work of over 100 artists, collected in one reportedly beautiful edition (available in paperback and limited edition hardcover). No ordering details yet, but we'll keep you posted.


  1. Any update on this book?

    1. I've emailed Creature Features about a zillion times (including through FB & Twitter) and they have not bothered to reply to me one time. I haven't found out any more information unfortunately. Rue Morgue magazine did have a review copy so it was printed at some point. My best guess is that there was some sort of legal issue with one of the artists featured in the book. It's a true shame.


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