The Exorcist... Remake?

I accidentally watched The Exorcist over the weekend. I was programming the DVR and the brilliant opening sequence caught my eye. Before I knew it, I was clutching the couch, unable to move or turn it off. To this day, it remains a powerful, well made film (even without the crazy "spider walk" scene that was originally cut, then re-added to a blue-ray edition in a slightly different version). It was reported in April that Warner Bros is remaking the film for an October 2013 release. However, in a 2009 interview, the original novel's author, William Peter Blatty, revealed that an Exorcist mini-series was on the way. Remakes rarely get it right, but it's interesting to see how the material would be presented today. In the meantime, you MUST check out this STUNNING commercial that pays homage to the film and perfectly captures how a horror film should be made.


  1. The Exorcist stands alone as a tour de force of the horror genre, however, I think it is so much more than just a horror movie. I dont think you can categorise the Exorcist as it works on so many levels. Of course there are many elements within the movie that are quite horrific, but the Exorcist doesn't solely play on horror alone. There is more than one story within the movie, Father Karras's diminishing faith as he battles with his own demons, Chris McNeil's issues with the breakdown of her marriage and trying to bring up a precocious daughter as well as continue working, and of course Regan, who through the lack of a father in her life seeks company via Captain Howdy through the Ouija board, what we have then is this multi faceted story of a total breakdown of the family and underlying social and moral issues, a story of impending puberty and fear of the unknown, woven into this explicit and shocking tale of demonic possession.

  2. Scary Jerry3/4/12, 11:29 AM

    All very good insight. At its core The Exorcist is a family drama revolving around the struggle of religion's beliefs (or lack there of) and the dissolution of a family in crisis. The possession aspect is so visceral that it really overshadows the subtler elements. It's an incredibly frightening film which is why it's immediately categorized as horror. It is in fact so much more.


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