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One of the best stores for Halloween stuff is Aside from the stellar selection, service, quick shipping, real-time stock checks, and a human being that answers the  phone when you call (!) they just introduced a Haunt Club. Basically it's a paid membership ($10 a month, cancel anytime) that gets you all kinds of discounts, a newsletter with videos, tips, recipes, photos for inspiration, and a community of people who love Halloween. To sweetened the deal, the membership comes with a Haunt Kit which includes their new full-color catalog, as well as a goody bag of movies, CDs, and wine bottle stickers. The Haunt Kit is a limited edition, so sign up now:


  1. I liked that it says the catalog is FREE. Just $4.95 S&H when you join the Haunt Club. Okay, I'll pass on the club membership, just send me the catalog for free. ;>


  2. I love Halloween catalogs. Not only do they offer inspiration and help in making wish/shopping lists, but they serve as a sort of “yearbook” for the year’s props, decor and costumes.

    There’s been some backlash about Fright Catalogs “free” printed catalog. As a print designer I understand that full-color, glossy catalogs cost a lot of money to produce. However, it’s not really a friendly thing to force patrons to sign-up for a $10 per month club (that’s over $100 a year… seriously?!?) just to get a catalog. I would have been happy to pay $10 just for the catalog itself with no strings attached. I appreciate all the freebies and I know I can cancel anytime.

    The catalog itself is beautifully printed on thick paper and the pictures are stellar. That said, Fright Catalog carries a huge assortment of products in all kinds of categories. Of the 100 pages, 50 pages are devoted to costumes, 25 pages to masks, and only 25 pages to props. The casual Halloween shopper may be in it for the costumes, but most Halloween fanatics – the ones who probably want this catalog – are in it for the props, decor and lighting. Am I wrong about this?

    Nonetheless, I will continue to be a big fan of Fright Catalog but I hope they consider friendlier marketing strategies.


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