Grave Encounters: Review

If you are a casual fan of the ghost hunting tv shows, you may like Grave Encounters, quasi-spoof and horror film in one. The first hour sets up the "found footage" of a douche bag ghost hunter (a clear rip on Zach Baggins of Ghost Adventures) and his witless sidekicks as they prepare to be locked down in a former asylum. The tone is light and amusing as we watch them fabricate every moment for the cameras. (The psychic's readings are priceless!) When the sole girl gets her hair "manipulated" the crew is shocked to realize they may have a real situation on their hands. Unfortunately, the tone shifts inorganically towards the dark side and the movie instantly loses all it's charm and momentum. A couple decent scares round out the second half but I wonder if this would have worked better as either full-on comedy, or full-on horror.