Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Clearance Time at Michaels

It's Halloween clearance time! I've had my eye on these creepy framed photos at Michaels for a while now, and at 30% off, it's time to get a few. They feature lenticular morphing pictures that are a touch too dark to see clearly, but the frames are wickedly gothic. And you can even use additional coupons readily available on the Michaels iPhone app (scanned right from your phone). Martha Stewart Halloween items are also on sale for 30% off.


  1. I SO wish there was a Michael's close, but no, I have to settle for Walmart. Walmart is a disappointment in our area this year.

  2. Truth be told, the Halloween selection at Michaels, as well as other major retailers (like Target!) were also big disappointments this year. Someone decided that this year was going to be a weak Halloween shopping season, probably due to the recession (?). I think it's time to lower expectations for major retailer's commitment to Halloween. There are so many cute, independent shops out there that do get it - often online shopping is the way to go. My go-to places are Grandin Road, Fright Catalog, Halloween Town, and Etsy.