Halloween Weekend: TV Watch

It's a dark, cold night, and you're stuck babysitting tonight while everyone else is at the big dance. Bummer. Maybe there's something on the TV to distract you from all those weird phone calls you've been getting.

First up is the (possible) premiere of Grimm on NBC (9/8C, although it may be bumped by the World Series). Early reviews are just okay but it's always fun to check out new supernatural shows.

The DIY Channel is re-airing their 2010 special Halloween Fright House: Secrets Revealed this weekend (check local listings).

The Food Network's schedule is crammed full of Halloween specials including Sandra Lee's Halloween Wonderland, Alton Brown's All Hallows Eats, Giada at Home Halloween, Challenge: Halloween Ghost Story Cakes, on and on... (check local listings)

The Simpson's annual Halloween episode, Treehouse of Terror airs this Sunday on Fox (8/7C pm).

Discovery Channel's dares to probe horror director Eli Roth (Hostel) on the special How Evil Are You? as they recreate the Milgram experiment and try to find "the evil gene" (Sunday, 9pm).

The Psychoville Halloween special premieres on Sunday at 9pm on FEARnet. This wacky British series is nauseatingly funny, dry, witty and best of all, entertaining!

For those lucky few who have access to the FEARnet network (or FEARnet onDemand), look out for the all-day Trick 'r Treat marathon on Halloween day. Also make sure to check out Sam's appearance on the four new shorts. This movie is required viewing for all Halloween fans.


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