Martha Stewart's Haunted House

Martha Stewart's Haunted House special premieres tonight on the Hallmark Channel. From the site: Martha Stewart shows viewers how to turn a two-car garage into a festive fright for family and friends. Viewers will learn how to recreate everything from a wicked lawn scene to a fearful maze through their garage. Friends and family can get into the spirit by helping create the haunt.


  1. Need to add the Hallmark channel FAST! Thanks for the heads up, love her Halloween decs.

  2. Hi Art Bliss, I'm not sure if you caught the special, but as a home haunter it was my FAVORITE Halloween special episode ever. She really dedicated every minute to decorating her haunted house and each segment was brand new - nothing culled from the library of shows, which is so rare for regurgitating Martha. Now if we could buy these episodes, we'd be set.


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