Paranormal Activity 3: Review

Creepier, action-packed, non-stop tension, likable characters, and even some humor – everything part 2 messed up (and thankfully, no supporting role for a pool cleaner). Much, much better than part 2 and a great companion piece for the original classic. One thing to mention, is that either the filmmakers are either toying with us (or maybe it was heavily re-edited) but 75% of what was in the "official" trailer was nowhere in the film. Oooooooor, perhaps they were showing scenes from part 4. Who knows?


  1. I know there are some that find the PA franchise derivative or are tired of the "found footage" style, but I thoroughly enjoy the Paranormal Activity series, even 2 (though it was lacking a bit). I'm looking forward to seeing this one.

    As for the lack of trailer footage appearing in the movie, I'm almost even more hopeful about the film. While I thought the trailers fun, most of the time I find the trailers better than most movies...or all the good parts are contained in the trailer, the rest of the movie sucks.

    That much of the trailer is missing from the final version AND it's still a good flick sounds like a great combination to me!


  2. I thought PA3 was a fantastic film as well! I loved the first, second one was meh (had it's moments though!) but this one just blew me away. I found myself thinking about some bits later on and not wanting to turn around or enter dark rooms. Very spooky.


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