Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Carving Set

Williams-Sonoma is known for their fancy kitchenwares and they too have gotten into the Halloween spirit with their ultimate Pumpkin Carving Set. Check out this stainless steel set of four classic tools with sturdy riveted handles for paltry $19.95. Fancy! And to light those jack o'lanterns, what better than a remote controlled LED lights?


  1. That is great. I would love to own a set of the tools. Wonder if the lights have different colors?

  2. We have both of these things! (Boyfriend works for W-S) They're all really awesome- that pumpkin scoop in particular is my bff.

    @wicKED- the lights don't come in different colours, but they are a warm yellow, not stark white, and they really do look like a candle flickering when you turn them on. :)

  3. Then that is even more awesome! Thanks!

  4. The LED lights are really spectacular. They are very bright, use long-lasting AAA batteries (better than those button batteries and you can use rechargeables), and they can be set to turn on/off or programmed with the remote – no reaching into pumpkins or other decorations. Why do so many battery-operated candles require you to remove them from fixtures, turn them upside-down, and fidget with a tiny little button?


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