Yard Inflatables

I'm not a huge fan of the airblown yard balloons that pop up on lawns this time of year. However, it's always been my policy that some spirit is better than none. And I can understand why the simplicity of plugging something in that turns ginormous, colorful and lit could be alluring to the average homeowner. With that in mind, here are some inflatables that have our seal of approval.

This cat has claws and it's dark color helps conceal it in the dark. Add a fog machine and some backlighting and you've got a great display. Available at YardInflatables.com

This is not your average blow-up and probably the sickest, greatest one I've seen. I especially like the beady red eyes. Available at HomeDepot.com

I imagine that this would look quite spooky at night. Take off those strings, glue on some moss, dangle a bat or an owl, and this tree is ready for haunting. 

As a child of the 80's, Ghostbusters was one of my all time favorite movies. Having Mr. Stay Puft mat not illicit terror, but those who love retro whimsy will. Available at SpiritHalloween.com


  1. I'm not a fan of most inflatable yard decor either, but I do have the animated version of the cat. We tethered it to the lower roof over the front porch to great effect, even if it did sort of clash with my husband's yard haunt!

  2. That cat can easily slip into any display. It's pretty smart to separate it from the rest of the haunt and make its own "vignette". Please send pics of your haunt!

  3. Its a very great idea and I hope so more users would like it.!


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