666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue shows promise in the currently crowded supernatural/thriller genre. The constraints of being on a major broadcast network are evident (as opposed to cable TV where there's more leniency to be provocative and risky), but the pilot moved along briskly and was entertaining. The cast is anchored by the brilliant Terry O'Quinn and Vanessa Williams whose devious eyebrows are in full arch here, as well as the engaging Rachael Taylor (a mix of an everyday Nichole Kidman/Naomi Watts). The only misfire is the likable but bland Dave Annable who disappeared into the damask wallpaper (did Justin Walker move to New York?). The story does seem safely predictable at this point, but perhaps the writers will develop a fresher approach (and maybe turn up the terror a notch). And like American Horror Story, its shelf life is incredibly limited. Where can it go once the protagonists discover the true nature of the beast? How could this possibly extend on for 2 or even 3 seasons? (Yes, I'm getting ahead of myself.)