Hauntsville Village 2012

In college, I enjoyed working on building, painting, and lighting theater sets – including a 3-month stint on the touring Phantom of the Opera. And to this day the Bates House and Motel on the Universal Studios Backlot Tour is one of my favorite sets. Scary sets and buildings are a passion, so now I build an entire Halloween village... but on much smaller scale.

Department 56 offers a line of Halloween porcelain buildings and accessories to create village displays (similar to the Christmas villages but much spookier). Collectible pieces are introduced and retired every year, and there's an entire community devoted to the skills, techniques, and artistry that goes into designing a village.

I've finally completed work on my 10th Anniversary Hauntsville Village. The process started in July with the construction of the rudimentary foam and wood base. Then work continued to the layout, carving, painting, electrics, and finally, the actual village buildings and accessories came in. The final piece of moss went in last week. The final step is photographing the village. The full gallery will be posted later in October, but in the meantime, here is the first image.

Visit the Hauntsville Village page for the complete gallery.


  1. WOW...this looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Rot! I've yet to photograph the rest of the village, although the new page with the refreshed Hauntsville galleries is up on the main site. I'm running a bit behind this year.


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