Target Halloween 2012

After a dismal last year (remember the neon pink skeletons & pumpkins), Target is offering a much better Halloween line this year. Of the 10 aisles allotted in our store, 4 were for costumes, 3 for candy and edibles, and only 3 for decor (one of which featured a field of real pumpkins mixed in with the artificial ones?!?). Favorites this year included some gothic plates, candlesticks, flaming hanging pumpkin, skeleton urn, potted scary trees, a six foot lampost for $50, flickering candle pathmarkers, and a cool little gargoyle on a base. As usual, their online catalog of decor far exceeds their in-store products, so make sure to check out their site:


  1. We have two Targets local to us and they have only had half of their stuff out. Mostly costumes and candy. I was so disappointed as it has been this way for 2 weeks now. Going to check out online now!

  2. We just went to our Target last weekend and got a real kick out of the "Live Pumpkins" sign. Since they were on the floor below the craft ones, I guess it needed to be specified!

    We've already bought the poison beverage dispenser and will be going back for some of the coordinating items. The talking phone is neat too. :)

  3. An odd question, do you still have your receipt or packaging from your poison beverage dispenser? The spout will not remain closed on ours and I want to return it, but I misplaced or recycled my receipt and packaging. The Target store and 800 number cannot find the product code since it is seasonal. I really appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!

  4. Hmm. I didn't buy the poison dispenser but send me a pic. I'll ask my friend who might have bought it.


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