True Blood: The Cookbook!

I'm not sure what crazy devil pitched a True Blood-themed Southern cookbook but may Lilith bless you! It is a seriously beautiful, hardcover book chock-full of artery clogging recipes. And each page also features a full-color photo from the beloved vampire show. In the wide-spectrum of crazy TV companions, this tops them all. Here are some of the recipes that caught my eye:

Crawfish Dip  (p. 94) - a spreadable mix of crawfish, onions, garlic and cream cheese served with crackers

Candied Sweet Jesus Potatoes (p. 101) - sweet potatoes baked in a syrup of cinnamon, butter and lemon

Way Back to Joy Banana Pudding (p. 134) - the classic dessert with vanilla wafers and creamy pudding

Totally Surprised Birthday Cake (p. 136) a white cake filled with lemon curd and topped with a saucy mix of strawberries and raspberries (on the cover)

Ginger-Raspberry Muffins (p. 145) cornmeal muffins with candied ginger and fresh raspberries

Did I Kiss Your Grits (p. 180) white grits with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and Tabasco

A Hush-ed Puppy (p. 188) fried cornmeal bites with onion and garlic, perfect with skillet fish


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