AtmosFearFX & Eerie Elegance

For you techies out there that want to take your decorating to the next level, check out AtmosFEARfx's DVDs. These feature dreadful animated scenes that are meant to be projected on to walls or windows with an impressive selection that features zombies, classic movie monsters, and my favorite, blood-dripping walls. You simply pop the DVD into a player, connected to a projector and let the terror ensue. You will need all the tech hardware (like the projector which your IT department may let you borrow if you ask nicely), but you can also just play it on a large screen TV. They even have a couple of options that you can run through your iPhone.

Eerie Elegance also features a cool spectral video called Ghost in Chains which you can download for $5. The effect can be enhanced with fog which really furthers the misty, wispy feel of the moaning ghost! (While you are at it, pick up a copy of the excellent Enhanced Eerie Elegance, a must-have book featuring recipes, entertaining ideas, and decor.)