Autumn Hard Ciders

Autumn apples are the best, and there's no better way to enjoy the apple than in a wonderful crisp hard cider. And it seems cider is taking off as an alternative to beer or wine as more manufacturers are getting in the game:

Ace Cider, based in the Sonoma (wine) County has been making cider for 15 years and most commonly served on tap around Northern California. Their unique blends include a pumpkin cider that's very pumpkin-y but has a slight aftertaste.

Woodchuck Cider is made in Vermont and this cider house rules! Their incredibly nuanced and rich flavors are hard to beat and for a limited time they have an incredible Private Reserve Pumpkin Cider that is incredible difficult to find outside of the Eastern states. If you are willing to buy it online and pay the hefty shipping fee, you can find it at Lueken Big Town Liquors.

New on the national market is Angry Orchard. Their apple ginger cider is easily their best tasting offering with spicy notes and a smooth finish. The wicked tree illustration is just an added perk. Also look for their Iceman and Strawman special editions.