Halloween Books

There's been quite a few Halloween books published this year, and I'll be adding some reviews of the notable releases.

Artful Halloween by Susan Wasinger
Ms. Wasinger is crafter who believes in handmade projects and has put together a good-looking book. It does seem to lack some overall cohesiveness, as the projects seem somewhat scattershot (kitschy stitchery, dimestore costumes, elegant decor and table settings, pumpkin non-carving). I'm not certain what audience this is ultimately aimed at since most crafters choose a particular medium to work with. Nonetheless many of the 31 projects are appealing, and like most successful crafts books, it will inspire the reader to explore.

Halloween Treats by Annie Rigg
This is cute, pint-size book offers a "greatest hits" collection of recipes for now ubiquitous treats like severed finger cookies, meringue bones, cobweb & mummy cupcakes. The photography is beautiful, however, the recipes have only been minimally adapted for American audiences so some of the directions are somewhat perplexing on first read. Caster sugar? Preheat the oven to Gas 4? Fruit pasties? Come on publisher. Halloween is a quintessential American holiday. You couldn't give this lovely styled book a quick rewrite?