Halloween Eve

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The parties are done. The decorations are hung. The haunts are attended. As the march towards the big day winds down, we still have Halloween Eve. It's the last day to really stop, catch your breath, and enjoy the last moments of the season. I use this day to reflect on my own scary Halloween, carve pumpkins, and catch up with old favorites like Charlie Brown.

Every season starts with such anticipation then quickly zooms by. So many things didn't get done, seen, experienced, or bought... but, there's always next year. I always say I'm going to start earlier, get done sooner, and enjoy every moment in-between – and I think I'm almost successful.

I am looking forward to scaring the kids tomorrow night and going out with a bang – if the weather cooperates (although I have absolutely nothing to complain about).

Our thoughts go out to our friends on the East Coast who are getting pummeled by the Frankenstorm. I feel terrible for the kids (of all ages) who will miss this Halloween, but more importantly, I hope that everyone remains safe and sound.


  1. Enjoy the evening :) I am planning on watching various Halloween movies and catching up on favourite blogs before everyone closes up shop for the season. It is nice to stop and catch our breath in the race to Halloween. Wish we had a few more days until the 31st.


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