SyFy's Face Off & Hot Set

As I unpack the Halloween storage bins, I've been watching SyFy's Face Off which is a reality competition in which aspiring make-up artists compete to have "the top look". For the Halloween enthusiast, it's fun to see how masks are made and the various techniques for layering colors, materials, and working with costumes as a whole. And there's always plenty of inspiration for costumes. I think this would work better as documentary series, but I don't think SyFy would find that edgy enough.

Now those same producers are taking the competition factor further with the wonderfully odd Hot Set in which aspiring set designers compete for the top look. For the yard haunters, it's interesting to note how scenery is constructed, how to transform cheap trash into beautifully horrific focal points, and how critical lighting can be. (Nothing decorates faster and more intensely than colorful flood lights!)  It's definitely given me some ideas to perk up my display. Again, this would have been so much better as a documentary where they visit actual movie sets under construction, but SyFy wants a broad appeal.