Target Halloween Bins

Dedicated enthusiasts know you MUST store your Halloween treasures in orange bins which are only available for very limited time (strangely a week or two before Halloween). This is the week to run to Target and load up on storage bins at only $7. The clear ones make it easy to see through, but they tend to crack easily (especially after baking in an attic all summer long). I have the opaques shown below and they have survived a 12 foot drop!


  1. lol Glad you did the safety test :)

    Best part about this is, I thought "Well that's don't NEED Halloween coloured bins....*pause*...but...but...I want them"

  2. Yeah... it WAS a test!!! So I didn't accidentally bump the bin with my booty, send it crashing down from the attic and throwing severed body parts in every direction... all while my in-laws gasped in terror. I feel better about that incident– er, my QUALITY TEST.

  3. I've "tested" my sculptures too. It's funny watching people's faces when they ask how delicate something is, and my answer is "You can get away with dropping these on carpet, but it's risky on hardwood. Of course, I don't recommend dropping them at all"

  4. With colored ones u can tell which is what for each holiday


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