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Halloween Wrap-Up

The storm clouds were brewing but not one drop of water fell on Halloween – even with a 70% chance of rain. We closed up shop at 10pm and at the end of the night 259 trick 'r treaters came by to pick up 4 giant bags of Costco candy. What a great night! Yesterday was the teardown, and Halloween is now sitting in the garage waiting to be sorted, repaired as necessary, and stored for the long winter (and hot summer). Some consider sights like this as evidence of my being a Halloween hoarder, but in my defense, I always donate quite a few pieces to friends and organizations. I hope you had a scary Halloween, and thank you for reading!  The Wicked October Blog is shuttering the doors and windows for the season, but please stay in touch  (and like us!) on . We cover scary movies & tv shows, weird news, creepy photos, and other macabre things all year long. And please post your Hallowee

Dia De Los Muertos

Feliz Dia de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead)! This Mexican holiday celebrates the memories and lives of loves ones who have passed. In the graveyards, families gather to pray and decorate the tombstones with  ofrendas , or offerings, of marigolds, the deceased person's favorite food, and toys for children. At home alters are also assembled with pictures, candles, religious artifacts, candied pumpkin, and colorful sugar skulls. Traditionally, November 1st is reserved for the infants and children, and November 2nd celebrates the adults. Born and raised in America, it's difficult to understand this particular celebration of death. We are mainly taught to remember the dead from a quiet distance, while the Mexican culture teaches to embrace and rejoice. And, although it shares the same time period with Halloween, it has none of the scary or macabre overtones. It's a unique celebration, with solemn and dignified under pinnings. To learn more, visit , or chec