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Sharon Needles releases PG-13

Sharon Needles, the scary winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4, released a fun Halloween/club album today (yes, in January) and it's called PG-13 . It's very Dead Or Alive meets RuPaul with a generous heap of Elvira. The video features a great bloody ending (if you can get past the terrible intro). More info at .

John Dies at the End: Review

John Dies at the End is an ambitious swan dive into bizarre horror-comedy. After John and Dave inject a mysterious drug (that happens to be alive and squirmy) they open their minds to parallel dimensions and supernatural creatures around them. Sure it's muddled and incoherent – and don't dare try to make sense of it – simply enjoy the trippy, gooey fun. Available on VOD. More at Official U.S. poster