My Amityville Horror

One the movies that has haunted me since childhood is The Amityville Horror: the invisible talking pig with red eyes, the bleeding walls, those iconic spooky windows (all of which served as inspiration for the homepage). After reading the Jay Anson novel I didn't sleep soundly for a year because this was a true story – it's difficult imagine that some of the events depicted in the book (none from the movie) really happened to an innocent family. Then came the interviews with the Lutz family, the many claims of hoaxes, The Warrens (demonologists who investigated the house) spoke out, and on and on. No one really knows what happened at 112 Ocean Avenue except the Lutz family, and this Friday, we get another version of events from the eldest son. Daniel Lutz has broken his 35 year silence with the new documentary, My Amityville Horror, in limited release and VOD this Friday, March 15.

Gruesome Factoids:

  • The house was last sold in September 2010 for $950,000. The Lutz Family bought the house in 1975 for $80,000 and lived there for 28 days.

  • Ronald "Butch" DeFeo shot and killed his father, mother, two brothers and two sisters in that house in November 13, 1974 around 3AM and claimed that voices made him do it. The victims were found face down in their beds with no signs of a struggle. Neighbors did not hear a single gun shot. In 2012, a gun found in a nearby canal suggested that a second shooter might have been involved.

  • Two legends surround the area. The first involves the Montaukett Indians who used the land to imprison enemies and those possessed by evil spirits. The inflicted where left to die on the island then buried face down. Indian bones were believed to have been unearthed near the location.

  • Another legend involves John Ketcham, a 17th-centurey devil worshipper who fled Massachusetts during the infamous Salem Witch Trials and took residence on that land. 

The house in 1974 complete with the "High Hopes" sign.

The house today with the quarter moon windows replaced.

George and Kathy Lutz
23-year-old Ronald DeFeo