Room 237: Review

Room 237 is for conspiracy theorists who happen to like The Shining or Stanley Kubrick. Through a series of off-camera interviews (an odd-choice that only deepens the mystery), we hear the many unique and sometimes nutty messages supposedly embedded into the film by Kubrick. Some range from the plausible (an allegory for Indian genocide) to the downright confusing (minotaurs in mazes!), and then there's one that you have to witness to believe, and yes, it involves the moon. The documentary is often hilarious, bizarre and intriguing all at once yet never fails to be entertaining (even though its sort of like a fancy Powerpoint presentation with movie clips). However, this is definitely for the avid cinephiles and not your every day documentary or horror movie lover. To enjoy it, you must be willing to embrace the obsessive love that people have for movies, and our need as human being to search for answers to questions that were never asked.

Best taglines ever:

Some movies stay with you forever... and ever... and ever.

Some movies are a mystery... others are an enigma.