The Bay: Review

Cymothoa exigua is a parasite that swims in through a fish's gills, grows to maturity inside the host, then eats the host's tongue and becoming the fish's new tongue (see the horrible picture below). So far all of this is a true story.

The Bay is a found footage eco-disaster film takes this premise and runs with it, creating the most squirm-inducing and unsettling horror film I've seen in a while. It's almost unwatchable if you've ever swum in a lake, eaten chicken, or ever plan to drink water again. The parasite spreads from fish to water to a small community over one very long terrible day. While I find most found footage films to really push the boundaries of disbelief, this one almost plays out as a very disturbing and real documentary. The gore is also substantial, which is kind of shocking coming from the director or Good Morning Vietnam, Rain Man, and The Natural. I keep trying to forget this one, but like the boil on one of the victim's arms, it just keeps festering. Be warned.