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The Wicked October blog is now MyScaryBlog.com!

After much grave contemplation, we've decided to make Wicked October a year round blog! Until now it's been a seasonal blog with a focus on Halloween – and this October, we will continue to cover all the Halloween shenanigans we can unearth. But what about the other 11 months of the year? There's plenty of horror movies, genre books, TV shows, weird news and other macabre stuff that makes us Halloween enthusiasts swoon. (So many of us already celebrate Halloween 365 days year!)

So first up, is a necessary name change since Wicked October doesn't quite capture the scope of the new blog. We're calling it MyScaryBlog.com, which makes it a good companion to the main site, MyScaryHalloween.com! Please follow us and Make Every Day a Little Scary (and please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds).

Second, our Facebook page was launched last September and we're moving some of the more interesting posts, expanded movie reviews, and news onto this blog. We like social media, but our best fans – the true Halloween enthusiasts – seem to prefer the blog. I don't blame them. Facebook can be personally intrusive, it's much harder to control content, and it's often blocked at work. We're keeping the Facebook page, but this blog will be our main focus.

One of the main reasons we prefer the blog is that you can comment easily and without signing up for an account – and you can also comment anonymously if you prefer. We are a community that likes to share ideas, sources, experiences, and opinions. And yes, sometimes we geek out. Thankfully, there's no "Facebook pressure" here. We encourage all the readers out there, even the ones that simply read the posts but never comment, to join the conversation. We want to hear from you, whether through comments or through our main email: info@myscaryhalloween.com.

Scary Jerry


  1. If only I had known earlier! I was going to wait until October '13, but I decided to check out "Wicked October" since I was craving some creepy Halloween goodness. Come to find out we have it year 'round now! Thanks for all the great ghastly posts!


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