Department 56 Halloween Village

For you Halloween village collectors out there, many of the 2013 introductions from Department 56 are now available. They've expanded their dark carnival series (Screamville sounds appropriate), and have gone a bit darker this year as well. Department 56 is under new ownership by Enesco, a large distributor of giftware, and they seem to have given their artists a little more leeway to be sinister. Or perhaps its a response to the growing popularity of the (cheaper and more widely available) Lemax Spooky Town Collection. Here are some of my favorite pieces for 2013:

Buying Department 56 can be a bit of challenge. If you are lucky, you may have a direct retailer near you, but understandably many retailers won't carry the Halloween collection until September. Online shopping is the best avenue for acquiring new or limited pieces. One of my favorite retailers is Country N' More Gifts who offers good discounts and free shipping. Ebay also a great option. Keep in mind  there's a limited supply of these hand-made pieces so shop early.

I'll be posting village pictures this fall so make sure to send in pictures of your village!