John Carpenter's The Fog

A few years ago, posted "Happy The Fog Day!" commemorating the day the fictional Elizabeth Dane and her crew crashed upon Antonio Bay in John Carpenter's The Fog. The 1980 movie was Carpenter's follow-up to Halloween and while it wasn't quite as successful, it has a devoted cult following. It's a classic slow-burn ghost story with a steadily increasing sense of dread and an eerie atmospheric feel – and its stars three legendary scream queens: Adrienne Barbeau, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Janet Leigh!

Seeing it as a child instilled a deep fear of pirates, ghost ships, and fog. My first summer in San Francisco made me relive those nightmares again and again as the creepy fog rolled in and smothered the city on a daily basis. (Coincidentally, the historic Point Reyes Lighthouse featured in the film is located 2 hours north of San Francisco. It's considered the windiest and 2nd foggiest place in the North American continent!)

Fans should note that a new features-packed Collector's Edition Blu-ray will be available on July 30th, brought to you by the Scream Factory (the brilliant company behind the many cult classic reissues).