Shadow People: Review

You have to be a fan of parapsychology and reenactment shows like A Haunting and Paranormal Witness to moderately enjoy the movie Shadow People. It's based on a true story and features "alleged real clips" from the people who were a part of the incidents centered in Kentucky in 2008. An outbreak of Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Dyndrome (SUNDS) claims several lives, a radio DJ gets swept up into the fold, and even the CDC gets involved.

As a topic for investigation, this is ripe with interesting global legends, scientific study, and many witnesses who all claim to have seen or experienced and episode with these entities.

As a movie, it doesn't quite hold together. Dallas Roberts' (Walking Dead) performance doesn't quite resonate, and the chilling "gotcha" moments are hokey at best. A serious documentary film would have been much more fascinating, and with the many clips, research, and serious investigative work, one wonders why it's not. I guess documentaries are not very popular although two documentaries were quite popular on the festival circuit (My Amityville Horror, Room 237). Viewers interested in parapsychology studies will get something from this film. Viewers interested in a suspenseful horror movie will likely be left wanting.