Iron Man Cosplay

Kids who have birthdays close to, or on, a premiere night sometimes use that theme for their birthday party and make a night of it. Recently people have been starting to celebrate the opening night of the world famous Marvel Movies such as The Avengers, Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man. 2013 is set to release a variety of superhero movies that will be sure to bring out enthusiastic fans in costumes normally only seen on Halloween. The first of Marvel’s prime cosplay films this year, Iron Man 3, is set to be released in theaters this weekend. Whether you or your children are huge fans of Iron Man, a theme night would be the most fun you could have dressing up outside of Halloween. The great thing about these heroes is that even if you miss a particular character franchise, you could always dress up when they come together again for Avengers 2.

Here are 7 ideas to really get into the superhero spirit and enjoy a night in Iron Man’s shoes:

  1. In addition to the regular Iron Man suit, try and shave the classic Tony Stark facial hair patterns on your face. 
  2. If you have one of the classic Red and Gold costumes, paint it to your favorite sports team colors or go with the new red, white, and blue armor color. 
  3. Girls can don Iron Man garb as well with either a custom female Iron Man suit or just a red Under Armour tank top, red arm warmers, and red or gold sweats. 
  4. If you’re going as Agent Romanoff (Black Widow) or Pepper use color hairspray to paint your hair the appropriate color and style it as such. 
  5. The adults can partake in a few Iron Man cocktails (except the one who’s driving) while having a big dinner beforehand. 
  6. If your child has a birthday during the time Iron Man is in theaters, use that theme for choosing the cake and décor. 
  7. A cool idea to add to your Iron Man suit is those LED head lights people wear while exploring trails or doing construction. I must say this is better to do for a Halloween party or after party as this probably wouldn’t be allowed in the movie theater. 

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