The ABCs of Death: Review

The ABCs of Death is a high concept film that assigns 26 directors a word associated with death, resulting is an anthology film like no other. The directors come from 15 different countries and each short film has its own unique flavor and aesthetic – some will definitely push the boundaries for American audiences. This experiment results in wildly uneven results. Some shorts are mesmerizing, others gory, some bizarre or hilarious, and then there's really tasteless and vile ones. Almost every facet of modern horror is explored in both film and animated mediums. Standouts for me were A, D, H, K, O, T, U and X but I won't reveal much more since it's a fun game to guess the word associated with the short. This movie is the ultimate midnight movie for fans of offbeat, independent horror and while it might not be completely successful, it's mostly entertaining. I'm definitely interested in the sequel (which is currently filming) and can only hope the producers will have more involvement in it's overall development.

(Fans of the movie should note that there is a special limited edition ABCs of Death Hardcover Book and Blu-ray available directly from Drafthouse Films.)


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