Haunting Melissa

Like ghost stories? If so, here's something different: Haunting Melissa is a new "movie" delivered via iPhone/iPad app, one episode at a time. After downloading the free app to your iDevice (sorry Android users) you get immediate access to the first chapter, and the option to purchase new chapters one at a time (99¢ – $1.99 each) or sign up for a season pass (for $14.99). There doesn't seem to be a definitive release schedule – episodes just mysteriously appear – but there will be about 11 episodes total.

Bloody Disgusting reports that this will be an interactive experience:
One of the cooler parts of this whole thing is that the installments change after you watch them. The software recognizes when you’ve seen an installment so the next time you watch it, the experience is different. While the storyline is linear with a beginning, middle and end – there’s a lot of material that fills in and expands the universe, similar to a sandbox video game. You can only play the main narrative, or you can go in for the side stories as well. 
The eerie story concerns Melissa whose recently departed mother may be haunting her after moving to, yes, a cabin in the woods... (well, technically a house in the woods). The production values are good and the actors seem quite invested, two things than can help a horror movie sink or swim. Whether this format will be successful in telling a story remains the biggest mystery.