Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A&E's American Haunting: Review

American Haunting is a desperate hodge podge of more successful genre TV shows. It's unwatchable and an embarrassment for A&E. Unfortunately, it seems like it was initially filmed as a documentary (these people don't seem like actors) which on its own might have been an interesting character study – and set itself apart from the glut of reenactment shows. Instead, some producer probably thought it was too boring to have a straight-forward documentary and added ridiculous amounts of frantic, nonsensical editing, stock sound effects, copious amounts of camera interference, and silliest of all, Paranormal Activity-like nighttime cameras to capture the obviously staged "paranormal action." There's no confidence to let the stories tell themselves. Instead overwrought tragedy, paranormal hokum, and dramatic confrontation are imposed on what are likely psychologically-damaged people. Let this one rest in peace.