V/H/S/2: Review

V/H/S/2 is a second helping of last year's indie horror anthology that's a moderate success rather than an outright improvement. The story is simple: two personal investigators looking for a missing college student stumble upon some videotapes in an abandoned house. Each tape features a supernatural incident caught on tape (which then becomes a segment of the movie).

This is an experiment in "found footage" short films told through the first person point-of-view perspective, which means shaky cams, blurred action, and creating ultra-realistic scenes with special effects. The results are varied. "A Ride in the Park" follows a bicyclist who's recording his ride when suddenly zombies attack. The chapter called "Safe Haven" set in an Indonesian cult is the most interesting and vicious. As a whole this sequel is definitely bloodier and more brutal than it's predecessor and recommended only for hardcore horror fans.