World War Z: Review

Brad Pitt has finally done a horror film! While it's not a great film, World War Z is entertainingly tense, action-filled, and safe enough for mainstream audiences. The performances are frantic, the stop-and-start rhythm is grueling, and globe-hoping setting add to the grand-scale disaster. But it feels somewhat disjointed and seems to missing an emotional core. Horror fans may be disappointed in how bloodless the movie is – one episode of the Walking Dead has more gore than this entire film. Then there's the eye-rolling aspects (Brad survives the most dire circumstances when all those around him perish), and the movie just sort of ends with a weak, abrupt finish. A sequel is already in the works so you can't really resolve everything in the first movie (sigh). To be fair, these big budget movies with name stars and impressive trailers set up the disappointment by raising expectations too high. A second viewing might reveal World War Z to be a better film.