Yankee Candle: Sold Out!

As usual, Yankee Candle has sold out of many of the Boney Bunch pieces, but fret not. Those still looking for 2013 pieces do not have to resort to the absurd eBay markups: the Snow White is going for $114 and the train is listed for $250. (Both of these retailed for $30-40.)

It appears that Yankee Candle might have withheld some stock to extend availability. A quick call to the customer service center confirmed that more pieces will be available the first week of September (September 3rd is stated on the website) and possibly some held for the first week of October. It was rather embarrassing to have no Boney Bunch product in stores during the month of October when the "regular" people begin to think of Halloween, especially when all the signage and catalogs feature the popular collection.

Also sold out and selling for $$$ on eBay