You're Next: Review

Something is happening to scary movies. Filmmakers know that audiences have seen every trick in the book, so horror movies are getting smarter. I didn't have much enthusiasm for this film going in (yay another grim and hopeless home invasion movie) and I am dumbfounded by how much I love it. Yes, it's utterly, bite-your-lip brutal but doesn't linger on the somber stuff. This is one well-paced machine that stays just a few beats ahead of the audience. With no recognizable actors it was impossible to tell who was getting slashed next which created an unpredictable atmosphere. And the movie is filled with a wicked sense of humor to further discombobulate you. Add to this the fearless performance by Sharni Vinson – this generation's answer to young Jamie Lee Curtis – and you've got a rare, non-remake, non-sequel gem that's made for jaded horror fans and mainstream audiences.