Catching up with... The Queen of Halloween

Throughout the holiday season, we'll be featuring interviews with our favorite Halloween haunters and bloggers. The Queen of Halloween is a former radio host turned Halloween homemaker. Starting in 2009, she began The Queen of Halloween blog and sharing her many fun projects like Blood Jars, Mummy Candles, and Halloween Candy Wreaths.

Why do you like Halloween?
I do get asked that one a lot. (And if I practice witchcraft or Wicca! The answer is no... I don't!) But it really goes back to mom and dad. Not only was it on our first trip to Walt Disney World that I fell in love with the Haunted Mansion, but I actually wanted to live the Haunted Mansion! Also, my parents always hosted the big Halloween party in our neighborhood. My dad would make big, scary props for inside and outside the house, and my mom would decorate, and make all the party food.

Why did you start The Queen of Halloween blog? 
It actually started a few years ago, my husband (The Count) and I worked in radio for quite a long time, and we did a morning show together for several years. We talked on the air a lot about crazy things, and my husband would tell stories about my weird Halloween obsessions and creepy, craft projects. One day, some one called in and said, "You should put all your ideas on a blog, so we can make some of these projects for Halloween!" Well, that was all it took. I had so much fun doing it, and had such a great response from people. That was 4 years ago.

Where do you find inspiration for own projects, and what appeals to you about the projects you feature?
I think the www is really the bloggers best buddy, as far as researching ideas. I'm also addicted to magazines. Recipes, crafts, and home decorating projects galore! What appeals to me is something that's not expected. Something creepy, that in it's own way, looks really beautiful. And I'm always a sucker for anything that can make me laugh. I try to feature projects that aren't too complicated or intimidating. I always want my readers to feel like they can do this... and I know they can do this. I think that everyone needs a creative outlet, of some sort. If you paint or sew, play music, cook or write poetry... you need to have some way to express yourself. Mine just happens to involve witches, ghosts and graveyards.

The Queen of Halloween's organized workshop,
an ideal workspace for creativity and imagination!


  1. Both you and The Queen of Halloween have been on my reading list for quite a while now :)

  2. That's awesome! It's so difficult to gauge readership so comments like these are awesome. THANK YOU for reading!

  3. Thank you both, it's nice to know people enjoy what we're doing! Thank you for taking the time to post!!


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