Martha Stewart's Halloween Issue 2013

On newsstands today is the 2013 Martha Stewart Halloween Special Issue (also available as a digital download for the iPad through the Zinio app* and the official MSL app). It features more than 125 ideas – a mix of brand new ideas and classic ideas culled from the pages of Martha Stewart Living – all in terrific layouts that embody the holiday's wicked essence.

Fans will love Martha's magical transformation into "Fairy GrandMartha" (see some behind the scenes photos at But don't let the pink cover fool you. The "Infested" chapter, featuring swarms of spiders, wasps and other creepy crawlies, is especially gruesome, and the "Intense" chapter has some great tips on using eerie black light with fluorescent paint and makeup. This is a great issue!

Martha Stewart Living celebrates Halloween like no other publication, and I'm dreadfully grateful they continue to put such a great effort into our favorite holiday. For more Halloween ideas, visit

*Note: I highly recommend the Zinio app but unlike the official MSL app, the issues are neither interactive nor laid out specifically for tablet use (they're more like "flat" PDFs). But the publications on Zinio are much smaller in size taking up less space on your tablet, quicker to download and browse through, and they are available on every device phone, tablet and even your desktop through on any browser. The best part is that Zinio is cross-compatible with a variety of formats (not just the iPad) for truly universal use.