My Village Backgrounds

With Halloween only a month away, haunted villages are popping up all over. If you are a Halloween village collector you should know about My Village 2-in-1 Holiday Village Backgrounds. Village makers don't often consider that the background is just as important as the foreground. A background not only adds a touch of realism, but it also adds a tremendous amount of depth, color, and bounces light back onto the dimly lit display (especially important when taking pictures).

My Village offers an easy-to-set up accessory that consists of heavy-duty cardboard (similar to board game cardboard), printed on both sides with different motifs. The entire dimension is 45 inches wide by 15 inches tall but it comes sectioned in panels so you can configure them as needed (fold a panel back or turn a corner). You can also join 2 pieces for larger villages and the design will be seamlessly continuous. These are high quality, well-designed (with grooves to run cords underneath) and very artistically rendered illustrations. I highly recommended them. 

I have quite a large village but a limited area for displaying my main village, so I often set up vignettes throughout the house on the mantle, a table, or bookshelf. These backgrounds are perfect for this use. Take a look at this village I created with the limited Department 56 series The Legends of Sleepy Hollow. The Halloween & Fall Background available for $39.95 fits perfectly with this village and sized just right.

With a little special lighting, I was able to capture some really great photos like the one below. To view the entire album visit this link: