Spirit Halloween 2013

Happy Autumn! Celebrate the official start of the Halloween season by heading down to the neighborhood Halloween store.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Spirit Halloween is a fun place. For the home haunter that needs a jug of fog juice, special lighting, or a ready-made prop to scare their neighbors, it's a good resource. Signing up for their email newsletter assures you coupons throughout the season. And on November 1st much of their remaining stock (other than the pricy animatronics and fog machines) are on sale for 50% off.

Unlike the last few years, the stores are PACKED with products this year including a new category of Lawn Screams (gnomes, fountains and other decrepit decor for your garden), an expanded lighting section (including some fantastic LED spotlights) and a wide selection of creepy dolls (a ragdoll that sews her mouth shut and a teddy bear that sticks a knife into himself). Take a look at a few pictures from this year's batch of products.

Walking Dead pint glasses